Thursday, March 10, 2005

Look Out! I'm stealing ideas from David Letterman! I'm going to start posting random top ten lists, where I pick a topic and then choose ten things relating to that topic off the top of my head. The first list's topic is . . . .

The Top 10 Greatest Things in Animation

1. Tex Avery "Wild Takes"
2. Anime Breasts ( . Y . )
3. Adult Swim
4. Matt Groening
5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
6. Invader Zim
7. Wile E. Coyote Moments
8. Genndy Tartakovsky
9. The Anvil
10. Felix the Cat

Well thats my list. Anyone think something is missing or should be taken off? Anyone have a list of their own? (I know Liz should) Comment!


Anonymous said...

Adult Swim Isn't Animation
Aqua Teens or Venture Bros
Adult Swim is a block of programing

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

Yes I know. I am refering to the Adult Swim program as one of the greatest things to happen to animation. When the Cartoon Network released Adult Swim it reintroduced animation to adults and revived canceled shows such as as "Family Guy" and "Futurama". "Family Guy" has been renewed and "Futurama" has been given a whole new fan base. Shows like "Agua teen hunger force" have been thrown into the mainstream audience. Shows with low budget have been proven succesful! Believe me I know what I'm talking about when I rank "Adult Swim" as # 3.
But please tell me how you think Adult Swim is not related to animation???

Slinus Arngy!!!