Thursday, March 10, 2005

Modern Day Mothra Twins Found on U of L Campus

Sarah J and Sarah R are Modern day Mothra Twins. Posted by Hello

What seems to be a scene from a Japanese monster movie is in fact reality here in Louisville. Two students attending the University of Louisville have some how found themselves with a big . . . or should I say small problem.
"They were just as normal as could be on Monday", comments fellow student Elizabeth Seng, "But by Wednesday I thought something was strange when I was actually taller (for once) than either Sarah."
The girls seem to resemble the Cosmos from the Japanese Godzilla and Mothra films seen here.

By Friday evening both girls had dwindled in size to a diminutive 6 inches tall! Earlier in the week concerns were growing amongst their friends. Jennifer Wilson recalls her concern, "I remember Sarah Janckila coming into the game room, speaking in Japanese and bursting into song about a giant moth. This didn't bother me, for we all expect that type of thing from her. I mean after all she is dating that weirdo, Donovan Jones, but when Sarah Rice joined her in song dressed the same way, I felt worried for their sanity!"
Although Mothra has not responded other strange moth related incidents have occurred. Famous rock star and international sex symbol "Weird Al" Yankovic was mauled to death by a giant moth, which scientists have linked to the two tiny Sarahs.

A Japanese translator was called in to question the girls. The Sarahs (talking in unison) said, "Although we can not contact Mothra, we have called upon all other moths to destroy the evils of the world. The one you call Weird Al has upset the balance of Earth with his ungodly parody talent. so we called upon Earth's moths to form together and destroy him."
Doctors are baffled about how to help or what's causing this. The girls don't seem to want help, they just want to dress alike and sing to their goddess Mothra.

(Yeah after re-reading this even I think this is too weird)

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