Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sydel, A Girl on the GROW!

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Just a few short months ago, Sydel was as normal as could be (well for those of you who know Sydel, I use the term "Normal" loosely). But in the months to come Sydel has expeirenced a titillating change, she had bigger squishies, errrr, I mean breasts.
She first noticed when one evening her bra simply burst open. "I was just relaxing when I suddenly felt something hit my leg. Turns out it was a piece of my bra, which had come apart." Instead of wearing a new bra, Sydel simply tied hers back together, and continued to wear it.
So from a 32 A to a 34 B in just a few months and possibly still going, Sydel has my growing concerns. Here at the Slinus Blog, we'll keep you posted with any new changes in Sydel's bust.

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