Saturday, March 05, 2005

You Don't Know Slinus Ends

Here are all the contestants, all 6 of them : ( Ranked in order of liking. I enjoyed all of the links but this is my deciding order.

  1. Tiffany - Everything a growing Godzilla fan, like me, needs to know. I learned lots of cool stuff including biographies on the different Mothra girls. Tiffany wins the $5, so next time I see you Tiffany.
  2. Jennifer Wilson - This was a close tie for first place. This website is actually already in my favorites and is one of my most visited sites. This site provides an excellent window into one of my many bizarre fetishes.
  3. Brandon Taylor - Now I know where Kenny came up with the “shirt Ninja”! This site has everything I could ever want to know about ninjas and fun facts. (And ninja babes!)
  4. Anna - This site has many cool videos, the coolest being Matrix Ping Pong
  5. Matt Luckett - This site is interesting. It has bizarre news articles and awful links. I like this site but it gets bumped down in rank because some of my favorite websites have been the awful link of the day.
  6. Scott DeVos – This site is dedicated to saggy and odd shaped boobs. Ummmmmm, I like boobies and all but nothing impresses me here.

1 comment:

Luckett said...

I accept defeat. Alas, I found all your long lost siblings