Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sydel's Growing Pains

Remember back in March when I reported on Sydel's growing bustline? Well, I finally have an update on her development, and since a picture is worth a thousand words I'll let you all take a look yourself.
Doctors are baffled as for what could have caused such a growth spurt. Theories include every thing from Sydel's haunted bra, new unseen advantages to being a vegetarian, or perhaps Sydel has been drinking a big glass of gamma radiation every morning. What ever the case may be, I for one sure am not complaining (but I'm sure Sydel is ... about her sore back)

p.s. Special thanks to Sydel for putting up with my boob related humor.


sydel said...

to the tinkle head-

me? putting up with your "boob related humor"? i never said i was putting up with anything. i wish the picture of you at my house, looking at my boobs had come out, (the damn thing didn't b/c it was too dark). you're a pee-pee head.

ps i found out that the sweater was actually maureen's so don't bother asking sarah.

liz said...

wow Sydel, you're maturity level is astounding as ever. Awww, you used a potty word too!

harley and ivy said...

So, Donovan, why haven't you named those two yet, since you're so keen on attempting to?

the perpetually unnamed boobs said...

Yeah, Donovan. What about that? Meanwhile, leave my boobs alone XP

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

If I name Sydel's squishies they have to have punk names because the're pierced. So I'll be thinking.
Also, Harley and Ivy, how did you post? I didn't know boobs could type, and is Liz aware that you two have minds of your own?

harley and ivy said...

We typed the post ourselves. Just kidding, we would never violate Cait's computer that way. It was simple, we just told liz what to type for us.