Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ruler of Nintendu 64!

Have you heard anything about the New Nintendo system? Granted it dosen't come out until the middle of next year but I'm already excited. Never before have I bought a game system with in the same year it comes out, but for the new Nintendo I may have to make an exception.

Codenamed the "Nintendo Revolution" it is still uncertain if it will keep that name. Nintendo has revealed that Revolution will be backward compatible with GameCube, play both Game Cube discs and 12cm discs (size of revolution game discs), go online via Wi-Fi connections, be able to download software from the Internet, use 512MB flash memory to save data, and feature wireless controllers.
In addition, the console will boast two USB 2.0 ports. It will also play DVD with an extra part. Classic Nintendo, Super NES, and Nintendo 64 games will be available to download and play on the Revolution too. And don't you hate learning a new controler? Well if you don't like the new one, the Nintendo Revolution has A GameCube docking station located on one side of the unit which features four Game Cube controller inputs as well as two Memory Pak slots.
The best part is one of the 1st games to come out on the Revolution is a sequel to Super Smash Bros. Melee. Even better, the game will be Wi-Fi compatible, enabling players to fight it out against each other online.
This leads to the whole point of this blog entry . . . A reason to list my predictions and wishes for characters to appear in Smash bros. 3
First give Luigi his Vaccum. Captain Olimar (with pikmin), Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Mario AND Luigi Tag Team (2-in-1 ice climber style),Diddy Kong, Daisy, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Paper Mario (he would kinda be like mr. game & watch). Can you all think of anyone else (keep it nintendo)? My list seems mostly mario characters.

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