Monday, August 08, 2005

The 7th Party of Mario

Is it possible to attend one of Anna's Lake Trips and not play Mario Party? NO! IT'S NOT!! Just for asking such a stupid question I shall release miniture vampirical Waluigis into your rooms at night or your planned sleeping times.
Anyway I thought I'd fill you all in on the news of the latest version of the game, Mario Party 7, to hit stores in November. The most exciting change is that the game will be for 8 players at one time by sharing controlers. EIGHT, that's 8 people.
No more sitting around waiting for the the next game to start and now Liz gets to lose to seven other players. WHEEEEEEEEEE!
Joining the cast of playable characters are Birdo and Dry Bones. (Looks like Donkey Kong is a nonplayable character again, sorry Phil). Also the microphone will get a lot more use this time around.


Furrsomedeathbeast said...

>.> Not play Mario Party at Anna's Lake House? That's unpossible!!!

And how is the microphone going to be used? The last thing I need is to be repeatedly beaten at rapid breathing AS WELL AS button mashing. ~.~

My 2 cents. You should frame them. They might be worth... um... three pfennigs, a ha'penny, and 4 Canadian dollars someday.

other lunch girl said...

But Donovan...8 players... not four players? Seems to me that's just four more players who'll end up with a whole bunch of stars--unlike some slinuseseses I know....

The Snail said...

Dry bones!!! Yay!
They use the mike in 6 and it's okay. Responds fairly well as long as you remember the right word to say.

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

Geeez, Kristen. I'm crying star-less tears now. :(