Saturday, August 13, 2005

Halloween Parade Update

OK people, I need to know who wants to be in the Louisville Halloween Parade this year.
The Parade is Saturday October 1st. at 3 p.m.
All other information on the parade is on the website . . .

You can pretty much dress however you like (must be family freindly, nothing dirty) and you will be placed accordingly. Scott, Emily (scott's sister), and I are doing a videogame theme. If you wanna march with us dress up to a video game theme or let me know, I have several ideas and I will provide your costume. Right now we have a Luigi, Mario, and Peach. Some ideas of mine include the pac-man ghosts, a giant opperarional pac-man, videogamed-out zombies and the control master (whoever this is will be covered in controlers and maybe a nintendo power glove.)

So let me know who's interested so I can start filling out forms. I MUST KNOW!!! Preferably berfore September.


The Hermit Crab said...

I'm up for it. Don't have a costume, but I can work on one if someone gives me the idea.

Tiff said...

Oo, I wanna join. I have a Lucca costume from Chrono Trigger, but I'm willing to do something else. (prolly will still be an rpg costume tho)

Fortress Palm said...

Wow, Lucca? That'd be really cool to the hardcore fans like me, but I don't think most people would know it to associate it with video games. ;_;