Thursday, August 25, 2005

If We Were Batman. . . .

Here it is folks, the long awaited and even longer over due post. If we (Friends of Slinus) we Characters from Batman. Keep in mind I'm going off the Animated Series and not the Comics.

Anna gets Batgirl because she's the little good out of the group.

Brett gets Robin because he is our "Boy Wonder".

Scott Get's Joker because if he were criminaly insane, he comes close to matching.

Liz is Harley Quinn because she has a thing for the Joker (Mark Hamil's version, not Scott's.)

Phil is Killer Croc because of the identical Brow ridges.

Dave is Ras Al Ghoul, Batman's Toughest enemy. Nuf said.

Benji and Duck are the Ventriloquist and Scareface. I think it's obvious why.

Sarah Rice is the Riddler because she has the Brainy Knowledge.

Brandon of the Light and Brandon of the Dark are Two Face. Again Obvious.

Jen is Catwoman because she loves cats so much that she has catnip bubbles.

Sydel is Poison Ivy because she's a vegaterian.

This is not a completed list. You the Blog reader can help! Who should be who? Here are the remaining Bat Actors: Batman, Alfred, Comissioner Gordan, Clock King, Bane, Scarecrow, Man-bat, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Penguin, and Mad Hatter.


Tiff said...

Who should I be? Catwoman and Batgirl are taken >.<

The Hermit Crab said...

I qwas supposed to be THe Penguin wasn't I? {wark}

lexi said...

murr. i have no idea who's the batman of our little cadre. i suppose i could be the scary crazy overintelligent scarecrow, or the literary and insane mad hatter. kane would make an excellent gordon or alfred, really. other than that, i got nothin.

Beast of Death to all Furries said...

Hahahahaha, an address of the mailing variety have I for you... So the Slinus you may bothering stop and Yoda rip off can I...
But seriously folks, here it is:

Camp Atterbury
SGT Warder, David
558th SC Co
Bldg 307
PO Box 5000
Edinburgh, IN 46124

And you had all *better* be around Friday... that's an order people.

Later everyone!

Grandmaster of funk and evil said...

I feel it my duty as a responsible Overlord of E-ville to announce that Phil has showed his true colors... he must be henceforth be known as...


This has been a public service announcement (surprisingly not drunk, but most certainly not in a normal frame of mind)