Sunday, October 09, 2005

If We Were Batman (2nd Wave)

Here it is! The 2nd list of Slinus's friends as Batman Characters (animated series & Gotham Knights). Most of these are a stretch but hey all in fun. (If you missed the 1st wave it can be found under August's posts).

I get to be the Mad Hatter because I say so!

Sarah gets to Zatanna because I've seen Sarah work her magic (ewwww, creepy love metaphore).

Kane gets to be Comissioner James Gordon based on Lexi's Recomendation. (& they both have glasses).

Lexi gets to be Baby Doll because they are both actresses.

Kenny Harley is the Creeper cause they both crazy!!

Kristen is Summer Gleeson (don't know why, just fits)

Nathan Trotta is Harvey Bullock the bumliest character in Batman.

Tiffany is Detective Renee Montoya (It's a stretch but she was the only female character left that fits)

The Penguin lives in the sewers and Mike lives in Phil's apartment, nuf said.

Confused about a Bat Character, find out more about them here.


Ken Harley said...

The Creeper huh??? I was wondering what you would associate me with... guess it fits though.

Tiff said...

I don't know you, but just looking at the 2 pics side by side... hell yeah that fits.