Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Birth of Slinus!

You are all invited to celebrate the Birth of Donovan Jones! (In other words a Birthday Party. Slinus will be 23.)

When: Saturday January 7th

Time: 5p.m. to ??

Where: My house in the basement

There will be cake, food, beverages (You know, all the usual stuff you've come to expect at one of my parties.)


Not-so-angry Army Guy said...

Ooooh! Yay! I'm invited! I'll come if I can get a ride... 7000 miles a bit far out of the way? Anyone?

liz said...

I'd be totally willing to give you a ride. If I had things like a license and a car anyway. Anybody who does have those painfully necessary items up for some serious road trippage?

still-not-very-angry Army guy said...


...Liz... asking for a ride... more than 4 hours in advance?!?

Who are you and where are my friends?!?

Liz said...

Sorry man, it must have been the drugs...antibiotics+sinus meds+Advil to reduce 102 degree fever will do that to you. You should have seen me an hour later when I suddenly realized "Wait...7000 miles...wuh?...oh yeah...."

sarah said...

I can't come. I will be at work until after 11 p.m. sorry Happy B-day!!! (my personal belief- if something's worth one exclamation point it's usually worth three)

sydel said...

sorry my widdle donnie-poo, i had company and family stuff. i would have come if it hadn't been for that, (and maybe even offered a little squishy action.....). oh well, i hope you all had fun!!