Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome Back to the World of Tomrrow

Futurama's future has just gotten brighter. Although it's not 100% for sure, the sources are very strong. According to Billy West (voice of Fry, Profesor Franswoth, Dr. Zoidberg, and others)," There are 4 DVD movies that we'll start recording at the end of July or August. Full feature length FUTURAMA movies."

If that's not enough,
Peter Liguori, who took over the position of president of the broadcasting arm at FOX (FBC) from Gail Berman in 2005 had this to say. " In terms of "Futurama" -- there's no doubt that the "Family Guy" model worked outstandingly. It's great to be a network exec and have a decision made for you by an audience. In terms of "Futurama," there haven't really been any active negotiations at this point. But I'd be an ostrich to just stick my head in the dirt and not realize what's going on with "Futurama" as well." This means a possible return to Television with new episodes for Futurama.

Also in the Futurama news, the contract to air Futurama reruns will run out in 2008 and unfortunately [Adult Swim] has been out-bid.
Comedy Central is going to pick up all 72 existing Futurama episodes starting in 2008 for $400,000 an episode! That's more than double what Cartoon Network paid.


Old Spanky said...

Mixed feelings here. While I'll be glad to see a few more episodes, maybe 1-2 overlong episdoes, the return of the show will probably be disappointing. When a show you really love gets cancelled, it's always great when you think back to it. When it gets brought back for 9 more seasons, it sort of dies and fades into obscurity instead of being something valued and precious. :/

Also, off topic, whatever happened to "Friend of the Month"?

liz said...

YAY FUTURAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

Yeah, kinda like when the Flintstones got canceled and then brought back a few years later. Sure it was the same show, just even more boring and even lamer plots and characters (I.E. the "Great Kazoo" the alien/gennie that only Fred and Barney could see). And look at the Jetsons, it was cancelled and brought back almost 10 years later. Most of the voice cast had oxygen tanks on ready and the show only came back to sell stuff. Another example is Dexter's Lab. It was cancelled and brought back a few years later. The new season was a different art style, different voice actors, different directors, and just not the same show.
But look at Family Guy, it was cacelled 3 times! The third was thought to be permenant but it has returned with no (or none yet) dissapointing factors. And this is the same model that futurama's return is following. Matt Groening is and has been eager to return to Futurama and with him comes David X. Choen, and all the original crew and voice actors. Although, even if they give Bender an invisible alien that grants wishes, I'll still tune in and dish out the cash.

(As for friend of the week . . . Tune in around Feburary 22, 2006. More info then.)

Tiff said...

February 22nd, eh? I hope you know that that's 2 days after my b-day...