Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Who's Your Papa?

Well it's the last day of February, which means it's the last day to celebrate the Blog's Anniversary. Today we will be "Slinus Blog Nostalgic". Does anyone remember those made up fights where I'd pit two people or characters together and you all would decide what the outcome would be? If you don't lets take a look back . . .

Fight #1 Tinkerbell vs. The Mothra Twins
Outcome: Mothra Twins win.

Fight #2 Teddy Ruxpin vs. Snuggles
Outcome: Teddy Ruxpin wins by a landslide.

Fight #3 Scott DeVos vs. Brett Darling
Outcome: Tie vote.

Fight #4 Mario & Luigi vs. Sonic & Tails
Outcome: Mario bros. win.

Fight # 5 Pauly Shore & Carrot Top vs. Pamela Anderson & Dolly Parton
Outcome: Pamela & Dolly win.

In celebration of the Blog's Anniversary I'm bringing the fights back on a trial basis. I have a new voting system that will make things easier than posting via comment, but your comments are still very welcome and encouraged.

So on to today's fight . . .
It's the ultimate "Who's Yo Daddy" Smack-down!

That's right, Papa Smurf vs. Papa John.
One lives in a Mushroom while the other makes pizza. Who do you think would win this fight?


With a total of 25 votes, 1 for both fighters die, 11 for Papa Smurf, and 13 go to our WINNER . . . Papa John.
Thanks to all who voted. Stay tuned for future fights.


Scott said...

Papa john would kick some ass and use papa smurf blood as his secret sause

Hey! Look what Mike said...

This week's special:
One large Blue pizza made with Papa John's new "secret" ingredient.

death to the smurfs said...

Ever eaten a mushroom pizza? Yeah, that was the homes of the LAST race of fungus-dwelling little people to challenge PJs dominance. MMMMMMM. Oven-fresh genocide!

By the way, why are only the people advocating destruction to the smurfs posting? Something seems fishy here, and it's not the anchovy pizza...

liz said...

no, see, it's only a matter of logic. One on one, Papa John would definitely crush Papa Smurf. However, if the Smurfs were to unite against him, the outcome would be much more uncertain.

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

Wow, 14 votes in 4 days! Looking back, the fight with the highest voter turnout was Teddy Ruxpin vs Snuggles, and it only had 10 votes. So I think the Fights are back.
Any way I say Papa Smurf has this one. One he has an army ready to do his bidding. Two, pizza competition (like dominos) would help out the smurfs any way they could. And Three, Gargamel wouldn't allow anyone but him to eat the smurfs.

The dave of the east said...

Please... w all know that a communist society can't survive when confronted by a capitalist. Papa John would just buy all of the Smurf slaves off with mansions and cushy jobs. This guy has MILLIONS he can put toward side-projects like the extermination of the Smurfs.

Besides, Papa Smurf is OLD. Give it 20 years... John will be 50-ish, but no amount of smurfing is ognna keep that smurf alive thru a conflict that long.

And Gargamel's an idiot.

cait? said...



sydel said...

i don't remember watching the smurfs when i was little so i'm not familiar with papa smurf. but i do know that papa john's good with pizza, though he needs to start making a version with vegatarian cheese! god, i miss pizza!!! and it takes so long to make it yourself...... : (

BanannaGirl said...

Ok, if anyone watched the Smurfs when they were little they would know that Papa smurf was a Wizard!
So watch out for that little blue guy... he mas a magic wand and knows how to use it.

sydel said...

my roommate adam says that papa smurf is a pimp and will kick papa john's ass. adam is now pulling at the peach fuzz on his chin; he thinks it makes him look intelligent........

Bah, I said...

Bah. Friggin communists. There shall be no pizza for you! Ph34r the wrath of the pizza god!!!

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

Thanks for Voting.