Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Batman, Like Yo've Never Seen Him

It's sort of like Lego Star Wars, except it's Batman.

If you haven't seen the short animated film, Batman: New Times, then what are waiting for? What started out as a fan film ended up with some "Bat-Famous" voices. Mark Hamill is back as the Joker and Adam West is back as Batman.
Watch the film online here . . .


Mike, the other white meat said...

LEGO + Star Wars = Great video game

LEGO + Batman = Must-see flick of the year ^^

Dave said...

Oh, crap... your souls will belong to the Lego Overlord at last.

Note to self: Kill Lego Overlord and take his place...

Note to everyone else: I said nothing *Jedi mind trick hand-wavey thingy*