Sunday, March 05, 2006


Roses are RED
Violet brings DOOM
Here's my 2 cents on Ultraviolet,
Showing in a theater near you.

I won't go into what the plot of this film is about except that all you need to know is that it is set in a futuristic society where there are humans and virus infected humans. Milla Jovovich plays Violet (a virus infected human) who is draging around a kid that might contain a cure in his blood stream and she will (and does) kill anyone who doesn't like this.
Now to my 2 cents . . .
First, what I didn't like. The story was confusing and when there wasn't any action I found myself loosing considerable interest.
Now here's what I did like . . .
I loved the gadgets in this movie. Lots of cartoonish future-style weapons that make for neat action sequences. For example all of Violet's weapons are stored on her but are tucked away in another dimension, making it possible to carry unlimited amounts of doom. Violet's hair and clothes can change color whenever she wants, kind of like a mood-ring but with a practical purpose. Violet also has a fun little gadget that messes with gravity. This allows for running on ceilings and a fun motorcyle chase up the side of a sky-scrapper.
I also liked the cartoonish/comic style look this movie presents. From the comic book themed opening sequence to the all digital city, Ultraviolet reminds me of Sin City, except nowhere near as nice.
Finaly I like the fight scences in this film. Although they were mostly a rip off from the Matrix as well as from a growing list of other sci-fi fight films, I still found them to be most enjoyable. She's always out numbered by at least 20 to 1 yet she always comes out on top, making the fights laughable and fun to watch.
So in conclusion, if you're looking for something serious and mentaly stimulating, go ahead and pass on this film. But if your looking for fun eye-candy and overly ridiculous ultra-violent fight scenes, then give Ultraviolet a go.
I give Ultraviolet 2 1/2 Slinus Heads out of 5.


sydel said...

ummm, dear, you only gave it one and a half.........

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

Ooops, I did! There, quick edit and all fixed!

Phil watched the bounce meter and said...

I saw the preview for this at Underworld: Evolution. It looked like a bad self-insert fanfiction gone wrong.... but I wanted to watch the movie. Very disturbing, but maybe it's the Milla Jovovich effect?

Would you seriously have watched "The Fifth Element" if it weren't her and Bruce Willis?

eeny-meenie-minie-moe... fill in the rest... said...

Yeah, mostly because I had no FRIGGIN CLUE who she was until waaaaay after that movie =P

bouncy... said...

Then what about the Resident Evil movies?

Dave said...

Didn't see 'em til after the second one came out (and had made its way to TV).

And... damn, dude... your eyes are bouncing in rhythm, even when you're not watching it. It's kinda disturbing.