Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MARcon & HauntCon Pics

Pictures are Here at the Photo Page!

See Pictures from Marcon 41

And Pictures from HauntCon
Pictures are here ( in the "00New Pictures" Folder

Monday, May 22, 2006

X-men 3

I'm pretty sure most people have seen this one already so just a quick review. Lots of explosions and plenty of doom and gloom make this film a fun one to watch and a great way to usher in the Summer blockbusters. Keeping in mind this film dosen't seem to please the X-men fans but for people who have never read one page of an X-men comic (like me) it will keep you enterained. The third X-men has lots of new mutants and bigger roles for past characters and of course wolverine gets more screen time than anyone. My favorite new characters are Kitty Pride who can phase through things and Juggernaut who can well, umm, run through things. Anyway I was well entertained throuhout the show and the only flaw is that there was too much Halle Berry (whom shall forever remain on my bad side since she slaughtered Catwoman).
So I give X-men 3 an excellent 4 out of 5 Slinus heads!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's Goin' On?

If you can't tell by the lack of quality posts, my life is pretty busy lately. I've been doing an internship with TPK Technology and thus shall fill my requirements and graduate from U of L. For the internship I'm working on software for small box office ticket sales (currently aimed at Haunted Attractons - i.e. this is the same software used at the Baxter Avenue Morgue). For part of the internship I get to go to HauntCon in Denver Colorado, where I will run the booth selling the "BatOffice Software." HauntCon takes place next weekend and the weekend after that is Marcon. For everyone going to Marcon, here are the pocket schedules (click on a day) Friday Saturday Sunday
So bust out some highliters and start planning which events you would like to see. (I highy reccomend the Luke Ski concert on Friday).
Anyway that's whats up with my life.

HauntCon's Website:
Marcon's Website:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Tiffany did a good job of reporting the Nintendo Wii news ( So I won't recover it here . . . Instead I bring you the NEW SMAH!

Words are just wasted here, look at the pretty pictures. . .

Samus Out of her suit and a playable character.

Mario Narfeling like a Garthug.

New Character Snake (from Metal Gear Solid I think)?

Anyway, I'm still not giving it justice, go here and watch the Preview . . .

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Random Post

If this makes any sense to you, please let me know.