Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Animation Alert!

Whoa, this almost completely sliped under my animation radar! It seems that MTV2 has noticed the high ratings of Cartoon Network's [Adult Swim] and has scrambled together a handful of animated shows that are owned by MTV Networks (Viacom). The good news is you can now view classic cartoons such as "Invader Zim", "Ren & Stimpy", and even "Sponge Bob" late at night. Other shows not worthy of mention are the return of "Celebrity Deathmatch" and the awful "VH1's Ill-ustrated".
Any way this block of animation starts a 11pm on MTV2 (Zim on at 3 and 3:30am)
Unfortunately this appears to be only a one week long trail but if it does good rating wise it might become permenant. So if Adult Swim is showing the same old show, give MTV2 a vist.
(NOTE: This post is mostly due to the excitment of Invader Zim's return to Television ... even if it is in reruns at 3 in the morning.)

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Jen said...

Actually if you have the expanded channels with Insight, Nick has a couple of channels that play Zim and Ren & Stimpy, also they play Rocko's Modern Life and other stuff. Zim is still on the air and not always at 3am. I can never seem to remember the time it is on but it isn't that late at night.