Sunday, June 18, 2006

Don't Let "Cars" Pass You By

If you know me well enough, then i'm sure you know that I tend to "humanize" several inanimate objects, the most important one being my car. Well it just so happens that Pixar's latest offering is an animated film about anthropomorphic cars. Correct me if I'm wrong but if becoming personaly attached to inanimate objects that I use in everyday life by giving them personalities is an illness, than I guess I need to see a doctor. I suppose a psychiatrist would blame these delusions on my cherished childhood cartoon "The Brave Little Toaster". So if you take my pschyological problems into consideration, it would seem that Pixar's "Cars" would be a film right up my alley and guess what ... it is.

Pixar does another incredible job with beatuiful animation and breath-taking backgrouds and details. If I was rating this film on the art alone it would rank very very high! The story itself starts out just a simple racing story but quickly evolves into a story about the forgotten backroads and lost the nostalgia of road side tourist traps. (Yet another plus for me who would rather visit the world's biggest ball of twine than take a Caribbean cruise)

As for the downsides of the film, the story does seem to move a little slow towards the middle of the film and one character got on my nerves. I'm talking about Larry the Cable Guy's character "Mater" the Tow-truck. This character seems to be little more than comic relief and a character that children can most relate to. He was pretty annoying and didn't fit in well with the other characters. My main worry when the audience first met the character was that, "Oh no, this stupid tow-truck is going to bring down the enitre movie. I just hope he dosen't reach an annoying factor as low as that good for nothing God awful Donkey from Shrek"! Luckily for me the Tow-truck was not too annoying to distract the main flow of the film and all worked out well.

So here's my 2 cents on Cars ...
Beautifuly animated but a tad slow still makes one good story, just don't let the tow-truck get on your nerves.
I'm springin' for Premium grade gas and giving "Cars" 4 out of 5 Slinus heads.

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lexi said...

fun fact: the tow truck actually had a much much smaller part before the voicework. larry the cable guy questioned the phrasing of one of the original lines, and the director was all like oops, forgot to tell you, you can ad-lib all you want, as long as you eventually say the general gist of the line we have written. so he went for it and the director loved it, had the team write a larger part. that's when mater became lightning's best friend, rather than just a little bit part.