Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Future Looks Good

Remember when I announced that Futurama will return in the form of 4 brand new straight to DVD movies? Well things have gotten even better. The movies are still on track and Comedy Central will start airing Futurama reruns after the contract expires from [Adult Swim] but that's not all. According from several very creditable sources Comedy Central will put into production 13 brand NEW Futurama Episodes!!

David Bernath, senior vice president for programming at Comedy Central sayz, "We are thrilled that Matt Groening and 20th Century Fox Television have decided to produce new episodes of 'Futurama' and that Comedy Central will be the first to air them."
"There is a deep and passionate fan base for this intelligent and very funny show that matches perfectly with our audience, and it is great that we can offer them not just the existing library but something they've never seen as well."

Futurama DVD Movies: 2007
New Futurama Episods: 2008

And in other Futurama news, the Futurama team has prepared a one-minute promo for the Al Gore film "An Inconvenient Truth". It contains new dialog from Al Gore, John DiMaggio (Bender) and Billy West as the announcer from the PSA "None Like It Hot" within said episode.
You can see it right here on Slinus Blog . . .

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