Sunday, September 03, 2006

Movie Reviews

Snakes on a Plane

You don’t need to read a movie review when the title gives away the main plot. I’m sorry to have to reveal spoilers but YES, there is a plane in this movie! Oh, and something about snakes too. With soooo much internet and mouth-to-mouth buzz on this film, New Line decided to throw away the original “PG” Rating and go with a “R”. This makes for a perfect “Cult” film because of the already large fan-base and a movie willing to make light of itself. The important thing to remember is to go to this movie to have fun and to be entertained not for excellent acting and writing.
With that in mind I had a lot of fun seeing this movie. We saw it at the drive-in where fellow movie goers could cheer as loud as they pleased and honk their car horns for certain scenes. The best part about this creature/horror film is your given the usual cast of odd characters to chose from and pick who will live and who will die. Also did I mention there were snakes in this movie and that their on a plane? Well, there are. There is at least one of every well known species of poisonous snake plus one really big constricting snake and guess what …. Their all on a plane!
So here’s my 2 cents … Lots of laughs, lots of dying, lots of fun! This would make a perfect Slinus Halloween movie.

4 Slinus Heads


The entire cast of “Super Troopers” is back in a new film entitled “Beerfest”. You can expect the same type of humor that was found in “Super Troopers” only now with a plot very similar to the movie “Dodge Ball”. If you’re offended by stupid humor, nationality stereotyping, topless women, and extreme alcohol abuse then this is not the movie for you. My 2 cents, it’s not as funny as “Super Troopers” but it’s a lot better then “Club Dread”.

3 ½ Slinus Heads


“Accepted” is your basic movie about the college experience and is fairly similar to other college movies like “Animal House” and “PCU” yet the comedy is still funny and doesn’t seem stale. This film offers an excellent role for comedian Lewis Black and keeps things funny with a cast of odd ball characters including a guy with a serious case of ADD, and another who majors in blowing things up with his mind. Overall it’s just a pretty good movie.

3 ½ Slinus Heads


Fred Fredburger said...

Snakes on a Plane can also be found in book and comic form! Yes!
I like... snakes... and planes...
and frozen yogurt!
Snails are cool too... they begin with S.

liz said...

I was at the antique mall the other day, and they had snails there.

liz said...

not many snakes, though, now that I think about it...