Monday, October 23, 2006

Lack O' Updates

I'm sorry about the lack of updates but I've been so busy with working at the morgue, planning the big Halloween party, going to real estate school, and helping Sarah move, that there hasn't been much time or material to update with. I have lots more stuff on Weird Al but I figured you all might be tired of all the Al-posts.

Anyway I promise some new stuff is on the way and maybe even a few more "Friends of the Moment".

Also don't forget ...
Baxter Ave. Morgue V.I.P. Tour is this Thursday
4th annul Halloween party is this Saturday.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So, if you keep up with the Blog than you know Weird Al's newest CD hit stores a week ago. Do have your copy yet? . . . If you answered "NO" than stop reading this and go get it. For everyone else who bought "Straight Outta Lynwood", Kudos to you! The album debuts on the Billboard charts at #10 (thats over 73,000 copies sold) - making it Al's very first Top 10 album ever!

Personaly I think this is one of Al's best albums yet, much better than 2003's "Poodle Hat". I think I've waited long enough to reveal any spoilers so here is a track by track anyalisis of "Straight Outta Lynwood" by "Weird Al" himself ...

1. "White & Nerdy" "This, of course, is the Chamillionaire parody [of 'Ridin,' and Lynwood's first single], and this is the song that I was born to write, basically. I've been doing research on this song my entire life, so it's basically the culmination of a lifetime of work. It's also my first big-budget, live-action video in seven years, and it was a lot of fun to do. We got Donny Osmond to do the Krayzie Bone role, because obviously if you can't get Krayzie Bone, you get Donny Osmond."

2. "Pancreas" "That's a style parody of Brian Wilson, an homage as it were. It's meant to sound similar to the music that he did for Smile and Pet Sounds, and it's basically a love song to my pancreas, because it came to my attention that not a lot of songs have been written about the pancreas. And I thought that it was a void in pop culture. Also because my pancreas has given so much to me over the years, I felt like I needed to give something back to it, so that's the reason for that."

3. "Canadian Idiot" "That's a Green Day parody, but I won't tell you what it's a parody of; you'll just have to guess. I should point out to any Canadians that may see this that it is in fact ironic, and it's a joke, and I love Canada, and I hope they're not irony-impaired."

4. "I'll Sue Ya" "Another original, done in the style of Rage Against the Machine. I thought it might be kind of fun to do a Rage-style parody, because there's a lot of anger and emotion in their humor. And instead of doing something politically charged, I thought it would be funny to have that kind of song and have it be about frivolous law suits."

5. "Polkarama!" "Yet another one of my polka medleys. At this point, it's sort of mandatory for me to do a polka medley. Fans would be rioting in the streets, I think, if I didn't do a polka medley. And this particular one is like most of my others with, I'd say, a dozen or so contemporary rock and R&B songs done in polka style, the way God intended. Everything from Kanye West to 50 Cent to Franz Ferdinand to Black Eyed Peas."

6. "Virus Alert" "Another original, talking about the dangers of what you may find in your inbox at work. And it's done sort of in the style of the band Sparks, particularly their mid-'70s work."

7. "Confessions, Pt. 3" "This is my Usher parody. After hearing Usher do 'Confessions' and 'Confessions Pt. 2,' I couldn't help but think that maybe he'd left a few things out, that there were a few confessions he had yet to make. So I saved him the trouble of writing a sequel by doing it for him."

8. "Weasel Stomping Day" "This is basically a song celebrating the most festive day of the year. It's done in the style of 1960s animated holiday specials. There's a video for this one done by the guys from [Cartoon Network's] 'Robot Chicken.' "

9. "Close But No Cigar" "This is a song done in the style of the band Cake with a video done by John Kricfalusi of 'Ren & Stimpy' fame. It's a song about a guy who's just a little bit too picky. He continually finds women that are near perfect, but they've got one fatal flaw, which would probably be inconsequential to most, but it's the thing that he focuses on and it ruins the relationship for him."

10. "Do I Creep You Out" "This is a Taylor Hicks parody of his song 'Do I Make You Proud,' just one of the many, many stalker songs in my oeuvre. I had to have some kind of allusion to the show on this album, and the timing worked out to the point that I was able to sneak that song on the album at the very last minute."

11. "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" "My longest parody to date, it's my epic parody of 'Trapped in the Closet,' by R. Kelly. When I heard 'Trapped in the Closet,' I thought it was brilliant and wonderful and ridiculous all at the same, and I felt I had to do something with it, and I decided that I couldn't make it any more convoluted than it already was but thought that I could make it a little more stupid. So I made it about the most banal and mundane and trivial thing that I could think of, which is a couple's trip to the drive-thru."

12. "Don't Download This Song" "This is meant to sound like '80s charity benefit songs like 'We are the World' and 'Hands Across America' and 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' And this video is by Academy Award-nominated animator Bill Plympton, and the reaction to this song has been very interesting to me, because a lot of people think it's an RIAA-bashing song that's pro-illegal downloading and other people take it unironically and think that I'm actually encouraging people not to download music off the Internet. And the truth of the matter is, my feelings toward the whole topic are somewhat gray, and I think that's actually kind of reflected in the lyrics. And I think both sides of the issue sometimes act hypocritically, and I just wanted to address the whole peer-to-peer downloading situation without taking too hard of a stand on either side."


I just can't get enough of this album! My personal favorite song is "Close but no Cigar" with it's wonderful "cake" sound and it's beautifuly animated video featuring those lovely Spumco pin-up girls. Speaking of which why don't watch a clip ...

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Scott in a Box

Here it is folks!
The long waited for "Scott in a Box" Video!!!!

Here's a nice short clip ...

And here's the full clip ...

If you don't know, this happened at Anna's graduation party. The box Scott is in is the box I used to wrap Anna's tiny little gift card.