Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Remember the Movie Reviews?

Wow! The last movie review I did was for “Accepted” way back in September! Here is what I’ve seen since …

Employee of the Month

Now on DVD, this film had some funny moments but too many Jessica Simpson moments.
2 Slinus Heads

Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D

Will return to theaters this year in October now featuring Tim Burton’s animated short “Vincent” which has also undergone the 3-D treatment. It was nice to this masterfully stop-motion animated film return to theaters and I think the 3-D added a nice touch.
4 Slinus Heads

Flushed Away

Now on DVD, this film is made by “Aardmin” who is famous for stop-motion charters “Wallace & Gromit” and the film “Chicken Run”. Flushed Away marks the studio’s first attempt at computer animation after “Dreamworks” felt the film would be too expensive to created in stop-motion. This film also marks the last to be made under “Dreamworks” and “Aardmin” will return in the near future with under “Sony” with a new stop-motion film. Flushed Away as a movie was fun and all around enjoyable.
Ummmm, 3 and Half Slinus Heads

Stranger Than Fiction

Now on DVD, this film stars Will Ferrel and is about a person who’s life becomes narrated by an author only he can hear. Although this plot seems similar to the original Dr. Tran short, it was still a good movie.
3 and Half Slinus Heads

Night at the Museum

Now on DVD, this film was very similar to “Jumanji” or “Zathura”. If you liked either of those movies you should enjoy this one as well. The story seems to be aimed at children for the most part but adults get their entertainment as well.
3 Slinus Heads

Smokin’ Aces

Now on DVD, This film was fun, full of action, had a lot of plot twists, and people get blown up …. Neat!
3 Slinus Heads

Ghost Rider

I’m not familiar with the Ghost Rider comics but I do know this film was pretty stinky. While the visual effects were neat, the story wasn’t so great, the lines coming from Ghost Rider’s mouth were stupid, and the villains were ultra lame and represented little conflict. (Note to movie makers: 4 villains that are easily defeated make BAD movie.) I’m surprised Ghost Rider didn’t start dating Halle Berry’s Catwoman.
1 Slinus Head

Pan's Labyrinth

A foreign film that’s stuck between Fantasy and Drama. At times the film is very “Alice in Wonderland” but most the time is very dramatic and depressing. Also the whole thing is subtitled. Slinus hates reading (insert frowny face here). However this is still an excellent movie no matter how sad the ending was. (I felt the need to snuggle some puppies under a rainbow afterwards)
4 Slinus Heads


The newest ninja turtles film is sequel to the original live action films and a throw back to the original 80’s cartoon. If you liked the first two films this one pretty much as the same feel. I also enjoyed the new makeover and I think the turtles transition into computer animation went well. Although I do have to complain that April, as well as the majority of the female characters have these ridiculously tiny waists that you could fit a rubber band around.
4 Slinus Heads


Wow, was this film cool! A lot of violence, beautiful visuals, great writing, and there is even a hunch back!!! There is no logical reason not to see this film. (I recommend seeing it on IMAX)
4 and Half Slinus Heads


A double feature film that starts with “Planet Terror”, a gore filled zombie film, and ends with “Death Proof”, a car chase thriller! There isn’t a single thing wrong with this film. Phony previews to over the top fake movies, disgusting gorey makeup, chicks beating up Kurt Russell, severed limbs, mini motorcycles, THANKSGIVING, Machine gun for a leg… this list of awesome stuff could go on forever.
5 Slinus Heads!!!!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon: Movie Film For Theaters

Only Borat had a longer title. It’s great to see a film that was made only for it’s fans. ATHF:MFFT feels like a super long episode and attempts to explain the origins of the Aqua Teens. Even though this movie is not for everyone I rather enjoyed it.
4 Slinus Heads.

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