Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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Wild Hogs

A comedy about mid-life crisis's and motorcycles. This movie is probably a lot funnier than you think, it really surprised me. Things to watch for include poop in a bag, William H. Macy's butt, and duct tapped fighting.
3 and a half Slinus Heads

Spider-man 3

Spider-man 2 was great! Spider-man 3 ... not so great. The last superhero film to cram 3 villains in it was Batman & Robin, possibly the worst film in history that doesn't star Halle Barry. Note to Hollywood * Comic book Films should only have 1 villain to every hour and a half of film * For example if "Ghost Rider" was 9 hours long than 6 villains might have worked. . . or not.* All I'm really trying to say is that if you cut out sandman, built up Eddie Brock's character, set up Venom for #4, and revolved the rest of the movie on Goblin Jr. as the villain than I might of liked spdiey3 a lot better. However there are some really cool parts like; The fight between Harry and Peter in street clothes (Dumpsters Hurt!), possible set-up for the lizard, Alfred Rip-off, and some other actiony bits. Things that should of been avoided in this film; Emo spider-man, "Saturday Night Fever Spider-man", Sandman isn't very interesting, venom didn't feel right, and did I mention Emo Spidey? Oh and no Rhino!!! We need the Rhino in 2011 played by Patrick Warburton.
2 and a Half Slinus Heads

Hot Fuzz

From the guys who made Shaun of the dead, this film was all around fun and silliness with some good action, mystery, and a wicked gun fight! Old ladies with shotguns EQUALS Fun! One word can sum up this entire film and that word is "Yarb!" (Go See it, NOW!)

4 and a half Slinus Heads

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

This film starts out as the darkest Disney film ever - an on film mass hanging with small child - said film gets Mad Props for this. However as the film progresses it becomes sillier and sillier until it's way over the top and a little too ridiculous at times. It felt like a live action Bugs Bunny cartoon without Bugs Bunny. Yet there are some cool scenes left amongst the confusing plot(s) that keeps the viewer entertained throughout. Oh and a little bit of GTS too. (Mad props to anyone that gets that.)

3 Slinus Heads

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I get it donovan(GTS).YARB!!!!