Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gone to Comic-con

Should have lots of Pictures and stories to report upon our return.
Wish we could take you all with us ....
Love, Slinus and Raven.


Jen said...

Damn. I wish I had known you were going. There's a pony that's being given out at that con. I could have gotten you to pick one up for me. Ahwell. Hope you have fun. :)

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

Was the pony a "free give-away" or an exclusive "for sale"? If it was free I can guarantee it was gone in the fist hour of preview night. Either way I avoided the big booths like Matel, Hasbro, Warner Bros., etc. Always too crowded. Anyway, I should have lots of stories and photos up soon, stay tuned.

Jen said...

It was for sale. I think for about $10. I'm sure it was gone very quickly.
I watched a bit of the coverage on G4. I saw a couple people that looked a bit like you but it was probably some other person with your haircut.
There was also a person cos-playing as Davy Jones that looked really cool but he was mostly hidden by the stupid G4 people... the Jack that was with him kept making weird Jack-like faces at the tv.