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Comic-Con in Review

"We left reality at the door and entered into a world of fantasy that lies somewhere between Hollywood and the pages of your favorite comic book." There was never a time we didn't have something to do, in fact most of the time we had to choose what was more important. After a while you tend to forget that you're sharing the same 10 square feet with 20 other people and you get used to some of the smells (fat, unshaven, creepy nerds with awkward laughs smell the same as the appear ... Terribly!) Anyway, I proudly present to you, the Blog reader, Sarah & Donovan's trip to San Diego Comic Con 2007.

Day 1 Thursday

We started our day at the convention center, as we will every day, in a ridiculously huge swarm of people lined up to enter the building. When the swarm of fan-boys and fan-girls were allowed to enter the building a great divide occurred as everyone began to split up and head off to predetermined locations to wait in more lines for another hour to get into different rooms with different panels and programing inside.

Our first panel of the day was "Biker Mice from Mars" ... Yes, we are among the first people in America to preview the new Biker Mice series and Yes, we didn't really care. Why were we there? Because we got to see Jess Harnell (Voice of Wacko) and Rob Paulsen (Voice of Yacko) see photo on left. (look up Rob on IMDB and you get a phone book of Cartoon voice work). We were also treated to an erotically dirty animated short film titled "Change for a Dollar" and previewed an animated horror film called "Freak Show"

The next panel was for DC comics Countdown. Nothing special happened durring the panel, but afterwards I got to meet the head writer and my hero, Paul Dini. You may know Mr. Dini as a writer for Tiny Toons, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Batman Beyond, and the creator of Harley Quinn! He signed my comic and I got my picture with him too.

We soon ventured into the exhibit hall to throw away our money on toys and comics. To understand what the exhibit hall was like imagine a crowed football stadium after the game and everyone is trying to make their way to the parking lot to find their cars. Everyone is bumping into each other and most fans are wearing their favorite jersey. Now replace "Cars" with "comics" and "Jerseys" with "Costumes" and nobody is actually trying to leave. That is the exhibit hall.

While in the exhibit hall I ran into a girl I recognized from the "Gotham Public works" online forum whom likes to cosplay as Harley Quinn. She wasn't in full costume but she had the face paint and pigtails. Fortunately she made excellent company for Sarah and I as we waited in line to meet Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Invader Zim, JTHM, and Squee. Jhonen autographed Sarah's comic and tatoo and he signed my Nintendo DS.

Later in the day I got to meet Mike Nelson the host of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He autographed a poster I bought. Check out the latest project from the crew of MST3K, called RiffTrax. You download full length commentaries by the MST3K crew and play it over your favorite DVD.

Sarah and I also attended a panel all about Roman Dirge (creator of Lenore). We got to listen to Roman tell amusing stories about his life, Hollywood, comics, tattoos, and a possible Lenore animated movie in the works.

Finally we ended the day at the world premiere of "Superman: Doomsday". This is the first of several PG13 animated DVD films based on DC Comics characters. "Superman: Doomsday" will not be on DVD until September, but it's worth the wait! The fight between Superman and Doomsday is spectacular! Watching Superman get the ever living snot beat out of him is great, especially when starts vomiting blood! Woo-Hoo PG13 ratings! We also were treated to a preview of the next film, "Justice League: New Frontier" where in Lucy Lawless will voice Wonder Woman, how perfect is that?

Day 2 Friday

A new day, a new set of lines to wait in. I started off by attending a panel on Paul Dini's career while Sarah attended the panel on "billy & Mandy" / "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends". After my panel I got to meet Paul Dini's beautiful wife and professional magician/illusionist, Misty Lee. Misty seemed excited to learn I was big fan of her and Paul's podcasts and an active member on the forums at I tried to join Sarah at her panel but the room was full and thus closed. Fortunately my sweet baby scored me an autograph from Richard Horvitz (voice of Invader, Billy) and Keith Ferguson (voice of Bloo).

Around 2pm we left the convention and ventured into downtown San Diego for some fresh air and some lunch. This was a nice break from the overpriced convention food. We made it back just in time to catch the "American Dad" panel which featured the entire voice cast table reading one of next season's episodes. It was great to watch Seth MacFarlane flawlessly switch between Rodger and Stan in the same conversation.

Afterwards we headed to the very large "Hall H" to catch Kevin Smith's panel. We were able to get our seats very early and sat through the "Star Wars 30th Anniversay" program where we got to see Seth MacFarlane again, this time presenting a sneak peak at the season premiere of "Family Guy" which will be an entire parody of Star Wars: A New Hope. (Very Funny by the way!) After Star Wars Director/Actor Kevin Smith, creator of Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, etc, held his own program where we were treated to a special screening of a new television series which he directed the first episode of called "Reaper". The show is a mix of "Buffy the vampire slayer, Shaun of the Dead, and Dead Like Me". Very cool stuff, Check it out on Tuesday, September 25th on the CW.

To finish off the night we attended the "Worst Cartoons Ever!" which showed a collection of the worst cartoons ever made, found by the folks at cartoon These cartoons were sooo bad they were hilarious! Afterwards we stayed for "Spike & Mike's: Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation" where we got to see the newest short by the folks who made Dr. Tran, "The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun"!

Day 3 Saturday

Today is the day I put on my Waldo costume and parade around like an idiot while posing for photos and absorbing the attention like an attention sponge. Today was also the most crowded and as a result we couldn't get into the most important panel of them all, "Futurama", Luckily most of it ended up on youtube. As a result of the crowds, we skipped most of the panels and hung out in the exhibit hall where we spent our money and found photo ops.

We got autographs from Zombie horror director George A. Romano and actress Elvira.

We ended up watching the masquerade in one of the overflow rooms. You can see most of it by typing "Comic con 2007 masquerade" in Youtube.

Day 4 Sunday

One last trip through the exhibit hall and then off to the airport.

**Stay Tuned for even more pictures and my guide to the Costumes at Comic-con!**

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