Monday, August 06, 2007

Costumes of Comic-Con 2007

What would a Convention be without Costumes? The first part of this post contains pictures taken with my camera while the second part contains pictures I found off the web but are of costumes I saw but could not take pictures of.

My favorite picture from the trip! Me (as Waldo) with Harley from Gotham Public Works!

She looks just as incredible up close and in person as she does in the pic.

Two-face and Joker from Gotham Public Works


Cute older couple as Hawkgirl and Birdman

Me and Random Harley Quinn

There were 5 other Waldos at the convention. This was the one you were supposed to find out of the other four.

While everyone was looking for me, I found Carmen San Diego!

Rodger from "American Dad"

Tank Girl

The Evil Cheerleaders wanted a picture with me for their website. (

Boba Fett has a bounty on Waldo

Waldo visits Gotham


Me and Jessica Rabbit. I'm not sure who the other girl is.

Jessica Rabbit finds Waldo.

One of the other 5 Waldos present on Saturday.

Spiderman finds Waldo.

Joker, Harley, and little Robin.

Ghost Busters.


Me and Caveman Robot! Visit Caveman Robot's website

Sarah and Caveman Robot!

Sarah joins the Mario crew!

Toxic Avenger at the Troma booth.

**All pictures below are from the web**

Catwoman, Robin, and Batman

Elastagirl and Mr. Incredible

Chef from Southpark

Dr. Girlfriend

Shaun of the Dead


Optimus Prime

Raven, Flash, Robin, Batman, Vixen, and Zatana.

Dr. Zoidberg

Cherry Darlin from Grindhouse (from the weinstein pictures booth)


Spiderman on a leash

Business suit Galaticus


These our pictures of me as Waldo that have surfaced on the Web.

Can you find Waldo?


Jen said...

Woo! Costumy-goodness!
Here's a hint why that Carmen liked you so much. ;)
That's cool that there were other Waldos. Made it more authentic.

Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

I love the picture! I wish I had that at the con to show people. When anyone asked where I had been, I would reply, "hiding with Carmen San Diego".

Chuck said...

Cool photos. You met Mike Nelson? Very nice. Glad you had fun; I was thinking of going next year.

Sparkl3star said...

Too bad you didnt get any pictures with me, Darlin'


Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

Oh well, at least we have our memories of waiting in line with a rubber chicken.