Friday, April 18, 2008

Quake of 08!

"It was 5:30 in the Morning"
"When the Earth started Churning"
"And I was suddenly jolted Awake"
"By the QUAKE .... of 08!"


Raven said...

..And You Would Have Slept Right Through It if I didn't Wake you Up!! It Was still Totaly awesome.

Jen said...

I was awakened just before the quake by one of my hermit crabs. It's true! It had gotten out of the tank and was in my room where it got stuck in a plastic bag. I woke up because of the noise thinking a cat was just playing with the bag but when I picked it up it felt like it had a rock in it. It's very WTF to find a hermit crab, in a bag, in your room at 5 in the morning. I put it back in it's tank and went back to bed and then the quake happened!
The crab was trying to warn me! ... Either that or it was coming to kill me in my sleep.