Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

If you haven't heard (or weren't at the Batman party), Sarah and I bought a house nestled in the heart of Goshen! Since July 10th, we have been remodeling to reach "move-in" condition. Here are some photos to show you our efforts.

The first task was to tear out the entire master bathroom; here are it's contents sitting in the bedroom.

Here is our sweet Kitchen. Not much will change here, we both love the floor. New handles on the cabinet doors made a major improvement.
This is the hideous orange Hall bathroom, soon to be dark blue.

The previous owner tore down the wall between the kitchen and living room, so I put it back up as a half wall.

Here is the half wall now with drywall. The smaller opening is going to be an "in-the-wall Fish Tank"

The Electrician installed ceiling light fixtures in all the bedrooms, much brighter!

I found out something odd about our tree in the front yard . . .
It's one of those new "Electric Trees"! I don't know why, but this electric cord is growing out of our tree.

Here's the family room, which was left in lime green.

Now here's our family room after the first coat of dark red.

Sarah's things are slowly making their way into the house, soon to be followed by all my junk.

Stay tuned for more updates on the house.

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Jen said...

Someone must have put some sort of item with a cord and plug in a spot on the tree where two branches split or there was a nitch or something and the tree grew around it. That's so awesome! You should plug it in and see if the tree will explode!