Saturday, July 05, 2008

Weird Al Rocks Louisville!

Do you know what it feels like to shake hands with a God? .... Well, I do!

Meeting "Weird Al" Yankovic in person can now be scratched off my list of Life Long Dreams.

Jen and Liz got to meet Al too! I think Al likes Jen ...

Here we are in the front row, ready to rock out!

My parents show their Al support with their best Hawaiian shirts

Al is All About the Pentiums!

Al preforms his James Blunt parody, "Pitiful".

Al sings his best pick-up lines in "Wanna B ur Lover"

The crowd bust out their plastic light sabers for "The Saga Begins"

Al rockin on Accordion during "Yoda"!

"Smells Like Nirvana"!

Amish Al rockin' it old school!


Al ends by blowing the crowd away with "Albuquerque! "


Jen said...


Sarah said...

YAY!!! Glad you guys had fun.

Fox no sox said...

I got sick that night so jason had to stay home with me and ricky...but my mom did come home from it and describe you to me. You were very popular with the crowd :-)

Phillip said...

Looks like you had a blast! You'll likely be raving about it for weeks!

Anonymous said...

You got some really nice pics there. And you got to meet Al too-- what's not to like about that? OE

Ludovica said...

Awesome pictures!!!

dgw671 said...

I shot a video clip of you meeting Al from inside the bus. We got a HUGE kick out of your "Where's Waldo" outfit!


Donovan "Slinus" Jones said...

You seriously have video of me? If it's not a lot of trouble, could you send me a copy or put it up on youtube? I would love to see it!

Breanna said...

I am so glad you got pics of the concert because I went but left the camera in the car because by the time we realized we were allowed to bring in cameras the concert had already started. But I was able to get it afterwards and wait outside his bus. So I got a pic of me and Weird Al and an autographed ticket. By the way your outfit was awesome I used to love finding Waldo, but this time he wasn't hard to find. Me and you were in the same row except I was on the right and you were in the middle.

dgw671 said...

I will isolate the section of video you are in for you and send it out. I've got about 1 1/2 hours of Al talking to the crowd. I'm editing it down and am going to burn it to dvd for the guys. Don't know what they want to do with it but you know them, anything is possible!
We were on the bus and the first person was this big dude with tattoo's all over. He went up to Al and said, "I've always wanted to see two people in concert. Weird Al and Madonna!". I looked at Bermuda and Jim and said "we HAVE to record this!" so John grabbed my camcorder and we set it up on the bus driver's seat. We all got a kick out of it.