Saturday, August 30, 2008

Louisville Zombie Attack!

Zombie Waldo Gonna Find YOU!

Birthday Zombie Want Cake!

Lifeguard Zombie Should of Guarded Her Own Life

Rock On, Rockabilly Zombie, Rock On!

Retail Zombie Needs Price Check ... On Brains!!

And Here's Benji .... The Un-Themed Zombie

Saturday, August 09, 2008

House Updates

Here's the latest on our house...

The hideously Orange bathroom is now a nice dark blue!

The green family room now has all 3 coats of red plus brand new carpet!!

The living room also has new carpet and has been painted grey.

The Hallway has also been painted green (awesome work Kristen)!

I'd also like to thank everyone who came out and helped paint or move over the weekend, we couldn't of done it without you!!!

Still to be done; Last layer of paint in kitchen, finish master bath remodel, and move stuff into the house!