Saturday, August 30, 2008

Louisville Zombie Attack!

Zombie Waldo Gonna Find YOU!

Birthday Zombie Want Cake!

Lifeguard Zombie Should of Guarded Her Own Life

Rock On, Rockabilly Zombie, Rock On!

Retail Zombie Needs Price Check ... On Brains!!

And Here's Benji .... The Un-Themed Zombie


BanannaGirl said...

That was so much fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming! We really appreciate your support and your brains!

-Lyndi Lou

Jen said...

Wow I wish I hadn't had to work. I was a zombie that night but did not get to walk down the road and eat pizza. ;)
One of my co-workers said he was going to go.

Jess :) said... jess needs to get her fatass on a treadmill. :p