Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Well I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. Here are some pics from the big party.

The Half man / Half woman returns for Liz & Jess's Halloween party.

Sarah as the Tim Burton Pirate at Liz & Jess's Halloween party.

Sarah Palin Supports the NSRA (National Shrink Ray Association).

Here's Sarah as my assistant.

Mike the Mage.
Being mad was easy, the scientist part was hard.

Anna the clown meets my ray gun.

Carol is shiny!
Jen the crazy snail lady!

Sarah R., the bad witch.

Liz is Dot from Animaniacs

Benji is .... ummmm..... Benji?
Jess makes "Ace of Cakes" worthy cakes.
Here is the dead Waldo. . .
And raven eating his heart.
Jess as Dr. Girlfriend.
Lexi the sexy pirate.
Team Sink Monkey created the Rock N' Roll Pumpkin in the new pumpkin game.
Another view of the Rock N' Roll Pumpkin.

Team Chuppacabra creates the red neck pumpkin.
Here's his mullet.
Team Chainsaw Panda creates a horror victim pumpkin.
Team Satanic Dolphin creates this Weird pumpkin in resemblance to the Great Gonzo.

Everyone is working hard on the movie game's "Who Gonna Die" list.
Slinus, your host and extra annoying MC.
Sarah Palin cast's her vote on who's gonna die!
Lexi and her bountiful booty .... Arrrrrrrrrr!
Here's Kane!!!!!!!
Carol finds the best seat in the house.
My attempt at a comic cover inspired pumpkin.