Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Happy 4th Anniversary Slinus Blog!

That's right! Slinus Blog is 4 Years old Today!!

This Year's Anniversary picture is a commission by artist Dan Mendoza, check out his Deviant art page here:

Cave City!

Sarah And I just returned from our trip to Cave City, KY! Check out our pics:

Slinus in front of our Hotel/Wigwam at Wigwam Village #2

The Other Wigwams

The inside of our Wigwam

Wigwam Bathroom

Wigwam Bathroom

Slinus at the Coca-Cola Museum
Sarah at the Coca-Cola Museum

The explanation of the creepy van in the above photos

R2-D2 is all about Product Placement

Coke is Sexy!!

Sarah is startled by the mechanical clown that you can't see!!!!

Sarah about to be crushed by MEGA COKE!!
Mammoth Cave
Mammoth Cave
Mammoth Cave
Corvette Museum
Corvette Museum
Corvette Museum
Dinosaur World!
Slinus pets the Dimetrodon!
Slinus Battles the Allosaurus

Even the Ash Trays are Dinosaurs!

Sarah Love the Dino-trash cans

Sarah sayz "Those Dinos are humping!"

Sarah Sacrifices her self to Dinosaur World!

Monday, February 09, 2009


If you haven't seen the new movie "Coraline" yet, you should! "Coraline" is wonderfully imaginative and beautifies the art of stop motion animation. The film is in 3-D and unlike other 3-D films, "Coraline" doesn't cheapen the effect by "throwing" things at you or fall victim to other overly used 3-D cliches. Being the first Stop motion film made for 3-D makes "Coraline" (in my opinon) appear as one long View-Master" image, and in case anyone has forgotten what view-masters are here are some pictures.

Above are 2 scenes from old "View Masters" that take classic 2-D animated characters and make them into 3 dimensional scenes. To me this effect gives "Coraline" a wonderful nostalgic feel. Anyway, go see it already!