Monday, February 09, 2009


If you haven't seen the new movie "Coraline" yet, you should! "Coraline" is wonderfully imaginative and beautifies the art of stop motion animation. The film is in 3-D and unlike other 3-D films, "Coraline" doesn't cheapen the effect by "throwing" things at you or fall victim to other overly used 3-D cliches. Being the first Stop motion film made for 3-D makes "Coraline" (in my opinon) appear as one long View-Master" image, and in case anyone has forgotten what view-masters are here are some pictures.

Above are 2 scenes from old "View Masters" that take classic 2-D animated characters and make them into 3 dimensional scenes. To me this effect gives "Coraline" a wonderful nostalgic feel. Anyway, go see it already!

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