Sunday, October 04, 2009

Movies Recap

Here's a quick run trhough of the films I've seen since August.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
This one took me by surprise! I was reluctant to see it at first but after word of mouth and nothing but positive praise from the internet, I caved in and checked it out. "Cloudy" is easily one the best animated features this year and definitely one of the funniest! It's quirky, goofy, wonderfully absurd, and most importantly it's cartoony. The way the characters walk and move as well as the poses the animators created are all reminiscent of the way cartoons used to be. 4 and half out of 5 Slinus Heads!

I can't really think of anything wrong with Zombieland. It was clever, funny, full of gore - everything one would want from a zombie comedy! 4 out of 5 Slinus Heads

9 isn't the worst animated feature I've ever seen and it certainly isn't the Best. It was short, a little bit slow, and not very memorable. However it was interesting, well animated, and had a pleasant dark tone aimed towards adults and not dumbed down for children. Pretty average really. 2 and half out of 5 Slinus Heads

Inglorious Basterds
Not really my type of movie but I've never been a big Tarantino fan, however it certainly offers everything a Tarantino fan would need in one of his films. 3 out of 5 Slinus Heads

G.I. Joe
I didn't like G.I. Joe as a kid and I don't like G.I. Joe now. Some people hate this movie with a passion but I just plan to move on and put it out of mind. Half of 1 Slinus Head out of 5

Drag me to Hell
It starts out sort of serious but quickly turns into Sam Raimi silly style horror. Good cheesey fun! 3 out of 5 Slinus Heads

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
The previews made this movie look really funny when in fact it's only mildy funny. Their trying too hard to recreate "Talladaga Nights" style films and cranking out awkward coemdies. 1 and half Slinus Heads

Year One
A few good laughs but certainly nothing special. Maybe check it out if it's on Free TV someday. 1 and half Slinus Heads


sarah said...

you should be a movie critic!!!!! and inglorius basterd was AWESOME for the record......... but i am a tarantino fan i supose.

DearDestini said...

"Drag Me To Hell" made me laugh out loud. It was ridiculus. The people in front of me turned around several times to ask 'What is so funny?"